Services Overview

R. W. Boeker provides a full range of construction services to meet the demands and needs of our clients. These services include:

General Contracting

Our roots are as a “hard-bid” general contractor. The vast majority of our projects have been awarded on a competitive lump sum basis. Many of the long-term relationships that we have established were the result of our firm being the successful low bidder on one of our client’s projects. We believe our active participation in the competitive bid market helps enhance our knowledge of current industry conditions when serving our clients on all our projects.

Negotiated General Contracting

One of the advantages of this process compared to competitive bidding is R. W. Boeker works with the owner and design team early in the construction process to negotiate a lump sum price or guaranteed maximum price for the project. The client can get the benefit of an early cost estimate, an analysis of different construction methods, and projected construction scheduling well before design is complete. This enables the client to make informed decisions early in the design process when they have the most impact and before the design has advanced too far.

Construction Management

Today many owners are looking to R. W. Boeker to partner with and act as the owner’s agent and manager of their entire building process. We assist the owner by bridging the gap between the architect and engineers that are teamed on the project. We provide specialized knowledge during the preconstruction and construction phase with our cost estimating, value engineering and scheduling. We assist in developing project bidder’s lists, evaluating bids and making recommendations to the owner.


Our design/build approach provides the owner with single source project responsibility. R. W. Boeker selects a qualified team of architects, engineers and key sub-contractors that best fit our clients’ goals. With design/build our owners are able to focus on design scope and project needs rather than on coordination between the designer and builder. Our design/build approach translates into lower project costs and earlier occupancy of the completed project for our owners.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered steel construction is one of the most economical building methods today particularly for large buildings. R. W. Boeker understands the pre-engineered building process and has been erecting them since our firm’s inception. This method is recommended when cost and schedule are important factors.

Whichever delivery method is selected, R. W. Boeker has an excellent track record of bringing projects in on time and with-in budget.