Safety Philosophy & Practice

The number one priority at R. W. Boeker has been and will always be safety! We consider no phase of the construction project more important than providing a safe working environment for all employees working on each project so that they can support their families by earning a living and returning home safely at the end of each work day! R. W. Boeker strives to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and the first step that we take in this approach is to provide our people with the best equipment and proper training! We also expect every sub-contractor or supplier who works on one of our projects to actively support this philosophy! We believe our focus on safety allows us to best fulfill our mission of completing projects on- time, with-in budget, and on-schedule! Most importantly we believe having a strong safety program is in everyone’s best interests but also is simply good business by building the job safely! This constant focus on safety has resulted in an outstanding safety record and Experience Modification Rating (EMR) consistently under 1.0!