R.W. Boeker Project History


Project Name Location Architect Year
Washington County Judical Center Nashville, IL Image Architects 2014
Allergy Asthma Immune Center Maryville, IL Design/Build 2013
W. W. Transport Truck Repair & Wash Wood River, IL Design/Build 2013
Olin Brass Buildings 400, 488 & W70 East Alton, IL Hurford Architects 2013
SIU Art & Design West Edwardsville, IL Trivers Associates 2012
Lewis & Clark Campus LED Signs Godfrey, IL AAIC Incorporated 2012
NECA-IBEW Local 649 Joint Apprenticeship Godfrey, IL Lefferson & Associates 2012
IBEW Local 649 Unioin Hall Godfrey, IL Lefferson & Associates 2012
Damiansville CUSD #62 Classroom Addition Damiansville, IL Oates Associates 2012
Bethalto CUSD Meadowbrook School Add. Meadowbrook, IL David A. Loyet Assoc. 2011
MCHA Braner Building ADA Renovation Collinsville, IL Rosemann Associates 2011
Metro East Lutheran Fa├žade & Gym Edwardsville, IL Hurford Architects 2011
Illini Medical Office Addition Jerseyville, IL John Shortal Architect 2010
Imaging Center Of Southern Illinois Maryville, IL Hurford Architects 2010
City Of Belleville Sanitation Building Belleville, IL EWR Associates 2010
Community Memorial Family Practice Staunton, IL Evans Lloyd Architects 2010
Arch Helicopter Hangar Granite City, IL Design/Build 2009
Medora Elementary School Medora, IL Design Architects Inc. 2009
Sievers Equipment Offices Hamel, IL Design/Build 2009
SIU Early Childhood Center Edwardsville, IL Holabird & Root 2009
Southwestern High School Life Safety Piasa, IL Wm. B. Ittner Inc. 2009
Staunton Track & Concession Building Staunton, IL FGM Architects Inc. 2009
Troy Methodist Education Building Troy, IL Staunder Architects 2009
Eberhart Sign Office Building Glen Carbon, IL Design/Build 2008
Pitchford Funeral Home Wood River, IL Design/Build 2008
Southwestern Electric Office St. Jacob, IL Design/Build 2008
Alhambra School Addition Alhambra, IL FGM Architects, Inc. 2007
Bank Of Edwardsville Bethalto, IL Lefferson & Associates 2007
D.K.'s Market Grocery Store Hamel, IL Design/Build 2007
Madison County EM Garage Edwardsville, IL Design/Build 2007
MCHA Olin Building Renovation East Alton, IL Henderson Associates 2007
Madison Communications Headquarters Staunton, IL Henderson Associates 2006
Mattingly Lumber & Millwork Madison, IL Design/Build 2006
SIU Biotechnology Laboratory Edwardsville, IL Christner Inc. 2006
Westview Baptist Church Addition Swansea, IL Gary Kaemper Assoc. 2006
American Legion Renovation Edwardsville, IL L. S. Builders Design 2005
Collinsville Fire Station Collinsville, IL Horner & Shifrin, Inc. 2005
Gemini Industries Warehouse Roxana, IL Design/Build 2005
St. Jacob Fire Station Addition St. Jacob, IL Design/Build 2005
Sunset Chapel Funeral Home Glen Carbon, IL Hurford Architects 2005
Atlas Credit Union Branch Bank Jerseyville, IL Design/Build 2004
Heidtman Steel Warehouse Granite City, IL Design/Build 2004
Madison County Criminal Justice Center Edwardsville, IL Lefferson & Associates 2004
American Bottoms Administration Building Sauget, IL Gray Design Group 2003
City Of Staunton Maintenance Garage Staunton, IL Henderson Associates 2003
Fairview Heights Police Headquarters Fairview Heights, IL EWR Associates 2003
Grace Church Youth Center Fairview Heights, IL Design/Build 2003
Lewis & Clark/N. O. Nelson Building Edwardsville, IL AAIC Incorporated 2003
Moose Lodge #1561 Edwardsville, IL Design/Build 2002
City Of Edwardsville Maintenance Garage Edwardsville, IL V. H. Design Inc. 2001
Fairview-Caseyville Fire Station Fairview Heights, IL AAIC Incorporated 2001
Richards Brick Manufacturing Plant Edwardsville, IL Harrop Industries 2001
St. Mary Church Classroom Addition Edwardsville, IL Graham & Hyde Inc. 2001
Transformit Corporation Granite City, IL Design/Build 2001
IDOT Maintenance Building Troy, IL Henderson Associates 2000
Jarvis Township Maintenance Building Troy, IL Netemeyer Engineering 2000
Jerry's Tire & Auto Center Edwardsville, IL Design/Build 2000
Madison County Courthouse Roof Project Edwardsville, IL Environs Architects 2000
YMCA MCT Facility Maryville, IL EWR Associates 2000
BMA So. Ill. Dialysis Center East Alton, IL Camden Architecture 1999
Glen Carbon Senior Citizens Center Glen Carbon, IL Henderson Associates 1999
Hope Church Classroom Addition Belleville, IL EWR Associates 1999
Butler Supply Office/Warehouse Maryville, IL Mitchell-Hugeback 1998
Gemini Industries Warehouse Roxana, IL L. S. Builders Design 1998
New Bethel Baptist Church East St. Louis, IL Gary Kaemper Assoc. 1998
United Presbyterian Church Wood River, IL Robert D. Field Assoc. 1998
Burger King Restaurant Jerseyville, IL E. R. McDonough 1997
O'Fallon City Hall O'Fallon, IL EWR Associates 1997
St. Gregory Armenian Church Granite City, IL Z. K. Tazian Assoc. 1997
Grace Church Fellowship Hall Fairview Heights, IL Gary Kaemper Assoc. 1996
Monroe County Annex Building Waterloo, IL EWR Associates 1996
East Alton Library Addition East Alton, IL M.T.H. Architects Inc. 1995
Lewis & Clark Library Renovations Edwardsville, IL Trivers Associates 1995
SIU Telecom./Information Center Edwardsville, IL David A. Loyet Assoc. 1995
Southern Illinois Credit Union Swansea, IL EWR Associates 1995
Troy City Hall Addition Troy, IL Wm. R. Thompson 1995
Collinsville Township Office Building Collinsville, IL AAI/Campbell Inc. 1994
Columbia City Hall Addition Columbia, IL Perla Mannisi Assoc. 1994
Midas Muffler Shop Glen Carbon, IL Midas Realty Corp. 1994
St. Cecelia Education Building Glen Carbon, IL Dennis Schuette 1994
Troy Methodist Family Life Center Troy, IL Robert D. Field Assoc. 1994
C & C Food Mart Hamel, IL EWR Associates Inc. 1993
Pere Marquette State Park Bath House Grafton, IL AAI/Campbell Inc. 1993
R. P. Lumber Addition Edwardsville, IL Design/Build 1993
Triad High School Addition Troy, IL FGM Architects, Inc. 1993
Illinois Eye Surgery Center Maryville, IL M.T.H. Architects Inc. 1992
Piasa Shopping Center Renovation Alton, IL Kuhlmann Design 1992
Beverly Farms Kitchen & Dining Hall Godfrey, IL Anthony Kampwerth 1991
First Christian Church Addition Edwardsville, IL L. S. Builders Design 1990
Glen Carbon Village Hall Glen Carbon, IL JRBFlagg/Henderson 1989
Dairy Queen Restaurant Troy, IL Sorkin Ginsberg 1988
Friedens United Church Addition Troy, IL David A. Loyet Assoc. 1988
State Farm Claims Center Maryville, IL Sverdurp Building Corp 1988
Worden High School Renovation Worden, IL Edward A. Kane Assoc 1988
Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center Glen Carbon, IL JRBFlagg/Henderson 1987
Latter Day Saints Church Glen Carbon, IL Edward A. Kane Assoc. 1987
Wood River Fire Station Wood River, IL William B. Ittner Inc. 1987
Edwardsville Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Edwardsville, IL Fischer-Stein Assoc. 1986
Elias-Smith Funeral Home Godfrey, IL Kimble A. Kohn Assoc. 1986
St. Boniface Center Edwardsville, IL Henderson Associates 1985
Wal Mart Store Cahokia, IL Richard Patterson 1985
SIU Metcalf Experimental Theater Edwardsville, IL Thompson Associates 1983
Tempo Savings & Loan Bank Trenton, IL WHGK Architects 1983
James Education Center Alton, IL Thompson Associates 1982
Cottonwood Mall Glen Carbon, IL E. R. McDonough 1981
St. Jacob Fire Station St. Jacob, IL Thompson Associates 1981
Kroger Store Glen Carbon, IL E. R. McDonough 1980
Wal Mart Store Glen Carbon, IL E. R. McDonough 1979